8th of March Group A Brief History of Art in the Last 25 Years in Texts and Images

8th of March: A brief History of Art in the Last 25 years in Texts abd Images. Edited by Maria Vassileva. Sofia: Gaudenz Ruf. 2014.

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Common wisdom says that talking is a woman’s specialty. The “Erato’s Version” exhibition from 1997 was the first time female voices in Bulgarian art came together. 17 years later the women artists from the 8th of March Group do not stop talking in words and images.

This book is a compilation of some of their thoughts, emotions, fears and hopes that have accumulated over the years. Questions asked by Maria Vassileva, the curator, are related to the current situation in Bulgarian art and the position of each group member there. The answers are “traveling” from the personal to the common and back.   There are as many answers as there are women – eight. Arranged in alphabetical order the artists have selected the images and have designed one section of the book. The whole is put together by Nadezhda Oleg Lyahova. According to our tradition we have invited one male to join us – the artist Luchezar Boyadjiev who is playing here the part of the translator.  And here we are: Adelina Popnedeleva, Alla Georgieva, Boryana Rossa, Daniela Kostova, Maria Vassileva, Nadezhda Oleg Lyahova, Nina Kovacheva and Silvia Lazarova.