Amazon Armor (working title, work in progress)



“Amazonian Armors” is an interdisciplinary few-in-one sculptural/fashion/performance and media project rooting from the Greek myth about the Amazons–women warriors, who cut off their breasts to be more effective in archery. It reflects women identity in relation to body shape. In focus are double-mastectomy breast cancer survivors. The purpose of the project is to not only create awareness about the crisis of identity that accompanies the trauma of cancer, but to look at these events from the brighter side—as a necessary for continuation of life body modification, which creates new and freer feeling of self.

Most of the art made on this topic focuses on compassion and the strength of cancer survivors. However the cancer-survivor’s community, doesn’t share uniform feelings–there is a place for joy and even fun. These feelings often are ignored by many artists who consider just seriousness to be appropriate. To fill this gap, “armored” with humor, I open an opportunity for joy of life and laughter rather than tears. I have created several series of photographs, most of them improvisatory and performative; a fake-breast, which is rather a fashion attribute than utilitarianan prosthesis and aarmorr, shaped for my non-breast body (collaboration with designer Mariela Gemisheva. Similarly to decorative eye-patches these art pieces expose rather than hide the lack of breast. Breast and armor will be used in live performance. The possibility of wearing such a beautiful accessories, not available for others, who have breasts, creates an entirely new feeling and performance of self through body shape and fashion. There are other artists, who proposed me projects to fill-up the “empty space” and their proposals and work I will published (printed and online). Soon I will also launch a continuous open call for new proposals.