Boryana Rossa : Amazon Armor

This book covers my projects completed in 2013 and 2014, representing my thoughts on the body as an active political agent that constructs the attitude towards ourselves and the others. All works have been inspired by my double mastectomy and the changes in my physical and mental understanding of self after this radical body change. The myth about the women-warriors – the Amazons – who cut their breasts off to better steady their bows, was the inspiration not only for this series of projects, but also for the way I think about myself, my new body shape, its functionality and beauty

Authors: Nadia Plungian, Oleg Mavromatti, Lisa Vinebaum, Boryana Rossa
Editors: Boryana Rossa, Stanimir Panayotov
Translation: Bela Shayevich and Boryana Rossa
Design and layout: Kalina Dimitrova
Proofreader for English language: Bela Shayevich
ISBN 978-619-90280-8-7, print edition
ISBN: 978-619-7219-01-2, pdf (download:
Collective for Social Interventions: Sofia, 2014
This edition was supported by:
Gaudenz Ruf Award; Faculty Support Grant, Syracuse University