Bio-Art and Installation

The Mirror of Faith


Boryana Rossa, Oleg Mavromatti, Michael Edel

Commissioned by: Hangar' Spring Session #2 – Grid Spinoza programme and the project Soft Control, which has the support of the European Commission.

“Science is the religion of our time” is a common saying that no longer provokes any critical thought in the general public neither about science, nor about religion. Important for us as artists however, is that although seemingly deprived of meaning, this statement refers to a high authority associated with the role that both religion and science play in society.

The Mirror of Faith” is bio-art project, meant to provoke critical public dialogue about genetic research, exposing some issues this technology and its political and commercial promotion creates. The project is related to the research of the molecular biologist Dean Hamer on genetic predisposition of human spirituality. In his book, "The God Gene," (1) Hamer claims that the VMAT2 gene encodes for a protein (brain chemical) that affects self-transcendence, spirituality or faith. A specific mutation in the DNA of intron 7 upstream of the VMAT2 gene coding sequence is thought to be related to people who have faith or spirituality.



2006 and 2015

Collaboration with Guy Ben-Ary, Phill Gamblen, Douglas Backum and Oleg Mavromatti.

Hosted in Professor Steve Potter's Lab at Georgia Tech and Symbiotica Research Lab University of Western Australia.

This project is a result of our research of the history and the social meaning of cryonics—field of knowledge, dedicated to preserving human bodies in cryostasis. People, who wish to do that, hope to "wake up" in the future, when their bodies will be re-covered with the help of advanced nano-technology. We are interested in the social and cultural implications of this phenomenon, but also we would like to conceptually re-examine the border that separates the physical and the psyche, promote its plasticity and create a symbolic object that speaks about all this.

The Rhizome of Bulgarian Contemporary Art


Historical research project, drawings, diagrams, video

Commissioned by MUSIZ Foundation and One Night Stand Gallery, Sofia
I was one of the five contemporary Bulgarian artists, and the only woman commissioned by MUSIZ foundation to make a “Family Tree of the Bulgarian Contemporary Art.”

Amazon Armor


Commissioned by Sofia Queer Forum

Installation: printed pillows, photography on canvas, drapery and love-seat


“Amazon Armor” is a series of projects that  looks at the possibilities bodies with variable anatomies to be liked. Through humorous autobiographical performances, photographs, drawings and objects I present my new body, which has no breasts, proposing scenarios in which the beauty of the female body is possible even when this undoubtedly accepted and prized attribute of femininity is missing.

I included  in the process of creation of these works my friends and viewers of the performances. Double mastectomy was necessary medical intervention for prevention of the cancer, which has been found in my body. Differently to other women, who prefer to make silicon reconstruction or try to hide this body change, I decided to not to go for any of the two. I made this decision visible political appeal to accept this type of body not only as possible, but as beautiful also

Amazon Armor: External Silicone Breast


PVC, fabric

Object design: Boryana Rossa
Production: Laurel Morton and Michael Giannattasio

“Silicone on the outside – that’s new!”

Bootleg Garden


Mural commissioned by: Amarika, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain

With the support of: HackFemEast Exhibition, Berlin; Rensselaer Polytechnic University, Electronic Arts department

"Bootleg Garden" is a research based art project that examines the impact of biotechnology on global food production and local markets. This projects might illuminate issues of the relationship between local and global food markets not only in Bulgaria, but elsewhere.