Portfolio Moscow

The program is an advanced studio and art history/theory class, in which students will focus on their development of a creative vision and personal system of production - that of an independent artist. The class is custom designed depending on students' majors and interests and is suitable for artists, historians, theorists in humanities and architects. The program consists of visits to museums, galleries, art studios and lectures by Russian artists and curators, who will introduce contemporary Russian art and culture within a historical context. Students will be also able to show these artists and curators their work at a pop-up show we will organize. Most of the guest speakers have been involved in important shows like the Moscow Biennial, Venice Biennial, Manifesta, Documenta, Istanbul Biennial etc. We will also be able to meet with inde­pendent film production companies like "The league of Independent Cinema" and with selectors of international film festivals. If there is an interest we can also meet with theater companies like the post-avant-garde Stanislavsky Electro-theatre and the famous documentary Teatr.doc theater.

No Place for Fools

Oleg Mavromatti's new film "No Place for Fools" 2014 is in the official selection of the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

Director: Oleg Mavromatti; Producers: Boryana Rossa (SUPERNOVA) and Andrey Silvestrov (Cine Fantom); Script: Oleg Mavromatti; Editing: Oleg Mavromatti and Boryana Rossa; Idea by: Oleg Mavromatti and PO98

Here is the festival website  and here you can download the press kit. 

Research and development of “The Mirror of Faith” project in Barcelona

Between June 19th / July 19th, 2014 Boryana Rossa will work on the project "The Mirror of Faith" together with Dr. Michael Edel at the Control of Pluripotency Laboratory, Department of Physiological Sciences I, Faculty of Medicine, University of Barcelona, Hospital Clinic.

Rossa and Edel will present results of their work at Hangar. Rossa  also demonstrate models of future gallery display of the work. This project has been commissioned by Hangar, Barcelona, framework of Spring Session #2 – Grid Spinoza programme and the project Soft Control, which has the support of the European Commission.

Manifestation of the Personal: Sofia Queer Forum 2014

“Manifestations of the Personal” is a provocation of sorts – laying bare and disclocing, creating a multiplicity of shared personal spaces. Contradictory and multidirectional intimate self-expressions by eleven Bulgarian authors, some of which investigate in a contemplative way their own essence, others deal with feminism, religion and fetishism, and still others proceed from their personal stories in search of the basic question of determination.


Rapid Pulse Performance Art Festival

DEFIBRILLATOR (DFBRL8R or dfb) performance art gallery & Electrodes, Chicago

June 12-15, 2014

RAPID PULSE presents a dynamic range of styles and forms of performance art. We invigorate Chicago by bringing to the city artists of exceptional calibre from around the world. Rapid Pulse includes live performances, public interventions, a video series, social events, artist talks, and panel discussions. Spilling over to other venues in the neighborhood, Rapid Pulse embraces the local and the global simultaneously.

Power and Play

De Markten, Brussels

June 6th - August 28th 2014

Photo exhibition, part of the Summer of Photography biennial, which displays photographic work dedicated to gender issues and feminism by Eastern European artists such as: Katarzyna Kozyra (1963 – Poland), Matei Bejenaru (1963 – Romania), Reinis Hofmanis (1985 – Lithuania), Eva Filovà (1968 – Slovakia) , Dita Pepe (1973 – Tsjechië), Krisztina Erdei (1977 - Hungary), Boryana Rossa (1972 – Bulgaria), Pepa Hristova ( 1977 - Bulgaria), Anetta Mona Chisa (1975 - Romania), Lucia Tkacova (1977 - Slovakia).

Deconstruction of VALIE EXPORT’S “Touch and Tap TV”

Solyanka State Art Gallery, Moscow

Dec 19th, 2013

19 декабря, 22:00

Впервые в России известная художница Боряна Росса представит перформанс-реконструкцию работы 1968 года австрийского автора Вали Экспорт «Тактильное кино» в рамках специального проекта UCHRONIA 5-й московской биеннале современного искусства 19 декабря в 22:00 в Государственной галерее на Солянке.


Tell me Her Story

Coreana Museum, Seoul, Korea

Oct 17 - Dec 14, 2013

Artists: Marina Abramovic, Delphine Balley, Nicola Constantino, Nathalie Djurberg, A K Dolven, Young In Hong, siren eun young jung, Jane Jin Kaisen, Nayoungim & Gregory Maas, Shirin Neshat, Boryana Rossa, Mika Rottenberg, Julika Rudelius, Salla Tykka.


Vaska Emanuilova Gallery, Sofia

24.05.2013 – 23.06.2013

Boryana Rossa, Iskra Blagoeva & Mihail Novakov & Kamen Dimitrov, Kalin Serapionov, Kamen Stoyanov, Lybomir Draganov, Mina Minov, HR-Stamenov, Ciprian Muresan.

Curator: Vdaliya Mihailova

Alfred Hitchcock describes one of the ways to obtain suspense in filmmaking as the “bomb theory”. His understanding is that the audience should be emotionally involved in the action by being kept in tension.

Gorgons in the Storage Room, or Apocalypse Now

 Sofia City Gallery, Sofia

April 28-May 28, 2013

(From the series "The Other Eye". Curatorial project in collaboration with Ani Vaseva and Monika Vakarelova.

Work on the creation of the third exhibition in The Other Eye series of
the Sofia City Art Gallery (initiated by Maria Vassileva, to whom we are very
grateful for inviting us) placed us in the unexpected and challenging situation
of having to think/watch/display as a group.

After the Fall

EMPAC, Studio 2, Troy, NY

Opening reception is on Friday, April 20, 2012 from 5:30-8:30pm.  Also open for viewing Saturday, April 21, from 7-10pm.

This two channel video installation examines gender performance in film after the Cold War through re-enactments of scenes from chosen cinematic works. These films are from USSR, Russia and Bulgaria and cover the period from 1920s to the end of the 2000s.

The theoretical and historical research behind this work is part of Rossa's dissertation for the RPI doctoral program in Electronic Arts.


re.act.feminism #2 in Gdansk

On Friday, 23 March 2012 at 6 pm, the Wyspa Institute of Art and cross links e.V. cordially invite you to the opening of re.act.feminism #2 – a performing archive in Gdansk, Poland!

The archive will be presented in an enlarged version with more than 140 artists. It is accompanied by a small exhibition featuring performance artists of different generations from Poland. 

Apocalypse in China Town

Media installation, created by Oleg Mavromatti together with Boryana Rossa,
Will be streamed live on Sunday, Feb 05. 2012, 4 pm to 11 pm (+2 GMT) at:

"Apocalypse in China Town" is a reflection on the fashionable for the 2012 topic about the end of the world. The project can be illustrated by the following legend:
One day, unexpectedly, by reading the stars, the court astrologist predicted the death of the king. Prediction of this kind required confirmation, so the king asked another fashionable astrologist to make a second horoscope. The specialist said: "Yes, the prophecy is true, but the death can be avoided!"