Sofia Queer Forum 2017 , Bulgarian National TV – Channel 1

 Култура.БГ | София куиър форум: Червена любов | Части от предаването – 10  

Boryana Rossa: BTV 2018

“Boryana Rossa: With a sense of humor against depression” Predi obed, May 15. 2018.  

Boryana Rossa: Bulgarian National TV, 2017

Bulgarian National TV, Channel 1. “The show “Augmented Realism” by Boryana Rossa.” The day begins with culture. Sept 8, 2017.

Boryana Rossa: Augmented Realism


Класик FM радио, Интервю с Боряна Росса. "Сутрешно кафе" със Ваня Кубадинска. 11 септември, 2017. 

НАЦИОНАЛНА ГАЛЕРИЯ СОФИЙСКИ АРСЕНАЛ – МУЗЕЙ ЗА СЪВРЕМЕННО ИЗКУСТВО 7 септември – 22 октомври 2017 САМСИ, бул. „Черни връх” №2, София

The tree of life, BNT

  Bulgarian National TV, Channel 1, “The tree of life.” The day begins with culture. May 31, 2018.  7-22 min.      

Sofia Queer Forum 2014

Boryana Rossa, Stefka Tsaneva and Stanimir Panayotov about Sofia Queer Forum 2014 Sofia Queer Forum from bureau artrecord on Vimeo.

About the presence of the Body in Performance Art: IN RUSSIAN

Boryana Rossa and Oleg Mavromatti This video is in Russian and was requested by Moscow based art collective TotArt for their Internet action in 2013.

Live Action in the Era of Mobile Internet

June 8th, 2013,  VIVACOM Art Hall, the last lecture of the season from the free course “Intro to Contemporary Art – Artists Talk about Art” by Boryana Rossa, who was live from NY. Organized by Open Arts Foundation this course is aiming to introduce the wide audience to the most important topics, ideas and artists from […]

Boryana Rossa – TALKS – ArtTimeMedia.mpg

Interview with Boryana Rossa by the curator of Art Project Depot – Irina Batkova:

Bulgarian National TV 1, 2011

Bulgarian National TV 1, 2011 “The day begins with culture” LIVE, with Ivo Indzev about Boryana Rossa’s and Oleg Mavromatti’s solo show at Institute of Contemporary Art and the Monument of the Soviet Army in Sofia.

Memory Picture

Memory Picture, 2008 This action is meant to bring attention to the fate of the socialist monuments  in Bulgaria. Some of them (like the Mausoleum of Georgi Dimitrov)  have been demolished, some not maintained well. The monument “1300 Years of the Bulgarian State” is the biggest in Sofia and the most neglected nationwide. It was meant to […]

Global Feminisms Talk 2007, Brooklyn Museum, NY

In English: Global Feminism Talk by Boryana Rossa

2007, Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art

Brooklyn Museum, NY