Post-Cinema Manifesto

It has been a while since the first human being decided to stream herself on Internet creating Jennicam.[1] It has been a while since YouTube exists. But it has been only a couple of years since filmmakers started creating “real” films (not just YouTube-poop) of the Internet content. On a first glance there is not a big difference between this new phenomenon of filmmaking and the well known genres in video art and film, such as the ones that appropriate “found footage.”

However there are unique, therefore very new properties of the footage on YouTube that could not exist before technologically and socially. Exactly these features of the video material on YouTube  that are substantially different, make this  “YouTube/moving-image-social-networking-platform found-footage-filmmaking” uniquely new.

Re: “Анти-Христо или Анти-Кристо” Re: “Анти-Христо или Анти-Кристо” Написването на настоящия текст бе провокирано от тенденциозната статия на Владия Михайлова във вестник Култура (бр. 43/ 9 декември 2005), изопачаваща наскоро случилите се събития в културния живот на столицата. Осъществявайки акцията си “Пре-Красно изкуство” на 23 ноември 2005 в галерия “Академия”, ден след официалното откриване на изложбата на Кристо […]

Ultrafuturo Manifesto


  1. In connection with the constantly growing presence of intelligent machines in our life, we declare human/machine symbiosis as the only possible way of co-existence. That assumes mutual respect and assistance based upon not only good will from both sides but also upon vital mutual dependence.