Film and Video

After the Fall : Gender Performance After the Cold War 2008-2012-2016



Multichannel HDV, Multichannel audio

With the support of : Rensselaer University, Troy, NY; Fellowship of the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences; SUPERNOVA Film Union, Russia/Bulgaria and with the collaboration of Oleg Mavromatti

Description: This work examines gender performance in film after the Cold War  through re-enactments of scenes from chosen cinematic works. The chosen films are made in the Soviet Union, Bulgaria and Russia.  A focus of interest is the evolutionary mechanisms that stand behind contemporary gender performances.


No Place for Fools

2014 Russia / Bulgaria, 82 min. Directed by Oleg Mavromatti and PO98 Producers: Boryana Rossa (SUPERNOVA) and Andrey Silvestrov (Cine Fantom) Script: Oleg Mavromatti Editing: Oleg Mavromatti and Boryana Rossa Sound: Tihon Pendyrin Idea by: Oleg Mavromatti and PO98 English translation: Boryana Rossa, Misha Rabinovic “Some centuries ago Peter the Great criminalized the holy fools. […]

Official Invitation



Single channel MiniDV, no audio

Description: “Official Invitation” reflects gender stereotypes and the popular role model of the body-guard. The first display of the piece was at the 8th of March International Women’s Day Show at 51 3rd, Troy, NY, back projection on the window display, covered with yogurt.

Woman President



Single channel HDV, Two channel audio


Commissioned by: Art Project Depot, Bulgaria


Description: The piece is inspired by President Kennedy's assassination, which has  become an assassination-cliche.
The video recreates a hypothetical situation, where the male protagonist  is replaced by a woman and represents ironic and erotic romantization of this institution.

I am a Robot, but I am Not your Slave


Boryana Rossa and ULTRAFUTURO (Oleg Mavromatti)

Promoting the idea about the Robot as teh Big Other, this feminist video by Boryana Rossa and ULTRAFUTURO speaks against patriarchal order, through the rebelion of a female-domestic-robot.
The concept of the Robot as The Alien, The opressed, The Other appears in the works of ULTRAFUTURO embodied by variety of charachrets - women, migrants, foreigners, rebels, machines.

The Moon and the Sunshine



Single channel SVHS


Commissioned for the show Antifeminism-Antimachismo, Gallery XXL, Sofia, Bulgaria

Celebrating the Next Twinkling



The short video entitled "Celebrating the Next Twinkling," 1999, by Boryana Rossa, is accompanied by a frustrated, scratching, DJ style soundtrack and features the faces of two women whose emotions shift, in viewing something off-screen, from delighted and ecstatic to terrified and hysterical. Towards the end of the video, the women resort to punching one another with vigor, laughing, and screaming again in horror.

Back and Forth



Single channel SVHS, single channel audio

The artist videotapes herself lip singing with an audio recording of her children's voice, when she was three years old. The recording was made by her mother and modified by artist Kamen Starchev.