Babel Fish 2006

Ultrafuturo, Schenectady Museum, NY, 2006

Times Union, Tuesday, May 16, 2006, An artist at RPI who draws on the future, by KATE PERRY

Several people displayed projects meant to explore the ethics of robotic design, but Rossa’s created the most discussion. She and fellow Ultrafuturo member Oleg Mavromatti bought a dead carp from a market, gutted the fish, cut off its tail and replaced the missing parts with electronics. The fish swam around a pool, Thorpe said, and it stood out from the rest of the projects.

“The responses that I got to the exhibit perhaps were more instinctual, they were more on the level of ‘eew gross or wow cool.’ I think those instinctual responses were a spark of a thought process,” she said. “It was probably the most provocative piece on the floor. It was definitely the most provocative piece on the floor, not probably, it elicited the most responses.”