Memory Picture

Memory Picture, 2008

This action is meant to bring attention to the fate of the socialist monuments  in Bulgaria. Some of them (like the Mausoleum of Georgi Dimitrov)  have been demolished, some not maintained well. The monument “1300 Years of the Bulgarian State” is the biggest in Sofia and the most neglected nationwide. It was meant to commemorate the entire Bulgarian history since the  establishment of the medieval state in 681 A.D.

People are asked to sign on a black or a white wall to support or reject the demolition of the monument. They are given the opportunity to have a last memory picture with the monument, because the recent announcements of the mayor who would like to build a beer pub on its place had threatened its existence.

People share a variety of opinions. Some of them repeat media cliches about socialism; others, who participated in its
construction, want its preservation and appeal to people’s respect for the history of the country.
The youngest ones–the kids who were born after the change of the polit-economic system in 1989–sign for preservation because as they say “it is a cool place for skateboarding.”