No Place for Fools

Oleg Mavromatti’s new film “No Place for Fools” 2014 is in the official selection of the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

Here is the festival website

and here you can download the press kit. 

This film is about a lonely Russian homosexual, a real person, who is also an anti-gay Orthodox Christian pro-Putin activist. These two identities that thoroughly contradict each other, unfold in his video blog in a chaotic schizophrenic mixture of images and sounds. A closer look reveals that his monologues about food, love and patriotism are framed by current socio-political environment of capitalist Russia. The chaos of these countless video-confessions—in reality often too long and inarticulate–has been directed and cut together in a clear structure by the author Oleg Mavromatti.   Mavromatti also had researched and collected enormous amount of youtube videos—from which the film is entirely made of—to set the context, in which his character can blossom and decay. Mavromatti’s intellectual montage of this footage shows how the life of the individual is directly affected by the smallest changes in Russia’s political climate and by the victoriously manifesting consumerist values. In a word – the controversial character of this film acts as a litmus paper of contemporaneity, to express author’s commentary on the darkest sides of life in Russia today. Because of this director’s cut, this real youtube persona, largely ridiculed by society (including the virtual one) obtains a voice, denied to him by everyone else. That way Mavromatti makes a personal, but political statement.

Director: Oleg Mavromatti

Producers: Boryana Rossa (SUPERNOVA) and Andrey Silvestrov (Cine Fantom)

Script: Oleg Mavromatti

Editing: Oleg Mavromatti and Boryana Rossa

Sound: Tihon Pendyrin

Idea by: Oleg Mavromatti and PO98

English translation: Boryana Rossa, Misha Rabinovic