Peoples’ Servants



Performed at: Bouwkeet van Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

Commissioned for : The Vivoarts School for Transgenic Aesthetics Ltd. (VASTAL) – VASTAL Virginarium Performances

Photo credit: Adam Zaretsky, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Part of Body Alterity Lab (a sub-set of VASTAL) curated by Adam Zaretsky.

We wear masks of the most influential ideologists of Neoliberalism and Social Darwinism: Ayn Rand and Milton Friedman.

This performance is made within a glove box set, custom designed for the commissioned artists to perform in.

We are surrounded by “middle-class” luxury and food. People from the audience serve us, feed us, hold household objects for us, and light our cigars. We talk to them about our ideology,  bite their fingers, spit and throw food on them. Their spontaneous reaction is to rebel and to throw the objects they were supposed to hold. At the end we cover the walls with whipped cream and write on it the word “CRISIS.”


“In Boryana Rossa and Oleg Mavromatti’s performance, “People’s Servants”, the power vector of the box was meant to provoke those outside the box to feel left out, economically less important and ego deflated. The gloved outsiders were ordered to hold chocolate strawberries, pour champagne, light cigars and serve Rossa and Mavromatti who had by now donned Ayn Rand and Milton Freidman masks. While Rand and Friedman discussed political, economic and ego based superiority over the masses, insults and disdain were flung freely at the spectator/participants. Oleg bit at the gloved hands of the volunteers. The elitist antics provoked some minor revolt from outside the isolation chamber at which point Rossa and Mavromatti began to close the transparency of the box by applying a thin layer of whipped cream to the windows. At this point, isolation ceased to be about imprisonment and became about privacy, privatization and the secrecy of economic cabals. It was at that point the word crisis was finger etched into the whipped cream.”

Adam Zaretsky

Peoples' Servants 2009 from Ultrafuturo666 on Vimeo.