Pervert Veggies



Berlin, Germany; Woodstock, Byrdcliffe Residency, Woodstock, NY; SPARK Contemporary Art Space, Syracuse, NY

A portable photo studio, a relational project in which people are invited to pose with varieties of vegetables, fruits and other objects resembling genitalia. I have been inspired by amateur photographs featuring the same subject, which seems to be pretty popular. Even among my personal photos I have found one on which I have been holding two apples at the supposed place of testicles. pervert Veggies had happened so far in Berlin, Germany, Woodstock and Syracuse, NY. Each place has its own specificity and public, which creates variable dynamics and different final result. The work relays on the improvisational talent of the audience, while the author is participating as both subject and director of the event.

Pictures taken by: Boryana Rossa, Ben Jackson, Adam Zaretsky, Voin de Voin, Maria Maxime and unknown friend from Berlin.