Portfolio Moscow

The program is an advanced studio and art history/theory class, in which students will focus on their development of a creative vision and personal system of production – that of an independent artist.

The class is custom designed depending on students’ majors and interests and is suitable for artists, historians, theorists in humanities and architects. The program consists of visits to museums, galleries, art studios and lectures by Russian artists and curators, who will introduce contemporary Russian art and culture within a historical context. Students will be also able to show these artists and curators their work at a pop-up show we will organize. Most of the guest speakers have been involved in important shows like the Moscow Biennial, Venice Biennial, Manifesta, Documenta, Istanbul Biennial etc. We will also be able to meet with inde­pendent film production companies like “The league of Independent Cinema” and with selectors of international film festivals. If there is an interest we can also meet with theater companies like the post-avant-garde Stanislavsky Electro-theatre and the famous documentary Teatr.doc theater.

May19-June 3, 2018

Professor: Boryana Rossa

Apply here by FEBRUARY 10th