Rapid Pulse Performance Art Festival

DEFIBRILLATOR (DFBRL8R or dfb) performance art gallery & Electrodes

June 12-15, 2014

RAPID PULSE presents a dynamic range of styles and forms of performance art. We invigorate Chicago by bringing to the city artists of exceptional calibre from around the world. Rapid Pulse includes live performances, public interventions, a video series, social events, artist talks, and panel discussions. Spilling over to other venues in the neighborhood, Rapid Pulse embraces the local and the global simultaneously.

Rossa will present her Deconstruction of  VALIE EXPORT’S “Touch and Tap TV”.

“This work is a deconstruction of the classic performance by VALIE EXPORT “Touch and Tap TV”1968. The artist invited people to touch her breast through a small theater-like box with a curtain that was put it on her chest.

My piece deconstructs not only the socio-political context and the cultural environment, but also the body anatomy – I have no breast.”