Research and development of “The Mirror of Faith” project in Barcelona



Between June 19th / July 19th, 2014 Boryana Rossa will work on the project “The Mirror of Faith” together with Dr. Michael Edel at the Control of Pluripotency Laboratory, Department of Physiological Sciences I, Faculty of Medicine, University of Barcelona, Hospital Clinic. “The Mirror of Faith” is bio-art project, meant to provoke critical public dialogue about genetic research, exposing some issues this technology and its political and commercial promotion creates. The project is related to the research of the molecular biologist Dean Hamer on genetic predisposition of human spirituality. In his book, “The God Gene,” Hamer claims that the VMAT2 gene encodes for a protein (brain chemical) that affects self-transcendence, spirituality or faith. A specific mutation in the DNA of Intron 7 upstream of the VMAT2 gene coding sequence is thought to be related to people who have faith or spirituality.

Rossa and Edel will present results of their work at Hangar. Rossa  also demonstrate models of future gallery display of the work.

This project has been commissioned by Hangar, Barcelona, framework of Spring Session #2 – Grid Spinoza programme and the project Soft Control, which has the support of the European Commission.