Woman President



Single channel HDV, two channel audio, 4.39’

Commissioned by: Art Project Depot, Bulgaria


The piece is inspired by President Kennedy’s assassination, which has  become an assassination-cliche.
The video recreates a hypothetical situation, where the male protagonist  is replaced by a woman and represents ironic and erotic romantization of this institution.

There is a “love affair” between the camera and the murdered  (assassinated) president.
She passively “surrenders” herself in the hands of her media interpretation.
This video poses questions about the relationship between the propagated media image of public figures, and their actual capability for real political action. Are we ready to discuss the content of presidential programs, or are we simply preparing for the new gossip about the clothes, the manners and the sex appeal of the women who can hold such a position?
To what extent are we subjected to the cliche about presidents’ (or prime ministers’) gender?
Are we accepting stereotypes about the physical, moral and intellectual characteristics of a woman with such an high rank?