The Last Valve


Performed at artist’s apartment, Sofia

performance documentation, cotton pink bed sheet, blood, glass cover

Boryana Rossa and ULTRAFUTURO, 2004

The Last Valve is a manifesto of a future free of gender hostility. Rossa sews her vulva shut with surgical thread, playing with the common Bulgarian sexist expression “stitched up cunt” defining women who prefer to choose when and with whom to have sex and do not submit to the desires of the men around. Rossa was inspired by existing transgender or no-gender/no-sex animal bodies and sexualities in the animal and human world, by sexually hybrid human and animal bodies, and by the emergence of artificial created robotic and biological bodies that are free of gender determinations. All these models propose escape from heteronormative binarism. These models also propose possible society, which has the potential to accept more flexible notions of sex and gender, to embrace diversity, and to create more fluid definitions of gender/sex appropriateness.