The Rhizome of the Bulgarian Contemporary Art



Featuring artists: Luchezar Boyadjiev, Orlin Dvoryanov, Boryana Rossa, prof. Svetlin Roussev and prof. Svilen Stefanov.

Curators: Ivan Moudov and Dessislava Dimova

Five artists, who have never exhibited together so far, are invited to present their vision of “a family tree” of contemporary Bulgarian art. The authors have been selected for their status as representatives of some of the major artistic tendencies and groups in Bulgaria from the last few decades. Moreover, they are not just artists with individual practices, but also ideologists, researchers, teachers, art theorists, which have contributed to the formulation of the existing problems and the enforcement of the positions they represent.

What we summarize today as contemporary Bulgarian art is a complex phenomenon. It initially emerged as a general and enthusiastic wave of liberation from the limitations of socialist art. This wave quickly split into sometimes confronting and irreconcilable positions. One of the main characteristics of the history of Bulgarian artistic practices is that they often seem belated compared to their global counterparts. Their heterogeneity and eclecticism continues to provoke concepts and chronologies established by the Western (and even by the Eastern European) history of art.

The proposed artistic interventions constitute unique maps of the origin and development of contemporary Bulgarian art practices. Their objective is to trace the routes of different influences and realization in their non-linearity and non-synchronicity, to visualize the invisible networks, the unexpected connections, not as deviation but rather as a necessary internal logic of their specific radicalism.

“Tree of life. Genealogy of contemporary Bulgarian art” exhibition is part of the ongoing project “Collection of Bulgarian avant-garde and contemporary art – Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris”, which is in collaboration with Cultural program of Sofia Municipality.

Click on the book to see Bulgarian artists’ inspirations. The PDF file can also be downloaded from here.

The project is organized by MUSIZ foundation and initiated by the curator Dessislava Dimova.