Madonna of the External Silicone Breast


“Madonna of the External Silicone Breast” is an installation consisting of three photographs: digital prints on canvas; bra object: epoxy resin, resin fabric, aluminum details; drawings: acrylic on paper; mural

Breast reconstruction is a surgical procedure performed in accordance with the patient’s desire, reflecting her ideas about good breast shape and beauty. Since I decided to not get breast reconstruction after being
diagnosed with breast cancer, I had many other opportunities to occupy the empty place with different fantastical things. One of these was a transparent plastic breast that magnifies my scars while imitating
the original shape of my breasts.
One of the reactions to the bra was, “Silicone on the outside – that’s new!”
In these photos I am eight months pregnant with my son Mario. My posture re-assembles the standard stock photo image of a pregnant woman in a white skirt, adding some elements from pin-up posing in addition to the silicon bra.

Idea and performance: Boryana Rossa

Photography: Patrick Sopko

Bra design: Boryana Rossa

Bra production: Laurel Morton and Michael Givantanassio