Feminist Vlog: In Social Isolation

The feminist perspective is irreplaceable. Therefore, the feminist vlog is irreplaceable. Everything from art to politics through the staring feminist eye and the stuck out tongue. Every week on Friday with Boryana Rossa, 8:30 pm, Sofia, Bulgaria time here:


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In this vlog we talk to artists, anthropologists, sociologists, philosophers, biologists, doctors – in other words people who work in humanities and sciences about any current topic from arts, social and political life to sciences, through feminist perspective.

So far guests have been: Martina Stefanova (Art critic and cultural producer, CEO of DOMA Art Foundation); Mariya Ivancheva (sociologist and lecturer at the University of Liverpool, UK); Gergana Kutseva (deputy director of Bulgarian Fund for Women); Stefka Tsaneva (curator of Goethe Institute, Sofia and writer); Vladiya Mihailova (chief curator of Vaska Emanuilova Gallery, Sofia, writer and cultural producer); Lea Visova (sociologist and professor at the Sofia University); Selma Selman (artist and Roma activist).