Pygmalion is the first bio-art project in Bulgaria. This is an ambitious endeavor that is fueled by high but vain hopes. Pygmalion aims to re-educate the plumeless thistle

and make it grow without thorns. The chamber, built specifically for the cultivation of the plant has been providing ideal conditions for their growth. Electrical impulses provide the supply of light, water, and nutrients. These impulses have been generated by the re-educational lectures by Katya – the main performer. The public can watch the action in real-time during the gallery’s working hours.
An oscilloscope displays ​​Katya’s transformed speech. Pygmalion is a metaphor for society’s expectations regarding the individual, and the pressure to which each of us is subjected, and also reflects the mood in connection with the expected integration of Bulgaria into the European Union in 2007.

Idea by Katya Damianova and ULTRAFUTURO (Oleg Mavromatti and Anton Terziev).