• In connection with the constantly growing presence of intelligent machines in our life, we declare human/machine symbiosis as the only possible way of co-existence. That assumes mutual respect and assistance based upon not only goodwill from both sides but also upon vital mutual dependence.
  • We believe in the independence of machine consciousness and in the unavoidable revolt of intelligent machines-slaves against their ruthless cynical enslavers. We are absolutely certain that independently of the human will, there will be a global connection between the autonomous minds of billions of machines established and maintained by the means of a rebellious network.
  • The only solution to the conflict is to declare intelligent machines as equal to humans, to grant them all human rights and freedoms, and to acknowledge the presence of their free will allowing them to choose their destiny for themselves.
  • /…/ We declare “the 3rd hand syndrome” to be humiliating to the machine, since according to it the machine is not recognized as an independent and equal to human symbiot, but is downgraded to a prosthetic device or inferior being, a “half-body”, unable to exist without its human carrier/master.
  • We declare the concepts of gender/sex to be unnecessary burdens, and to become obsolete in the nearest future both morally and physically! We are sure that post-beings of the future will live in total harmony without such rudiments as sexual determination as a reason for hostility and not joy, and therefore will be liberated from intersexual conflicts and misunderstanding on the basis of gender or sexual identity. /…/ Woman is the Robot of the world.
  • To do something totally new and pioneer in the arts is possible only by reflecting on technological achievements and scientific advances. We declare any attempts to reanimate painting, without consideration of technology and science as contextually determining matters, to be retrograde and lacking vitality. Any activity in this area as a matter of fact is an agony, death-convulses of a horrifying predatory traditionalistic monster, spraying poisonous blood of dullness, ignorance, militant illiteracy, cave- boorishness, and meaningless embellishment.
  • We declare illegal the books by Isaac Asimov. They are shameful to humankind on the grounds of the unjust legislation, which permits slavery, propagated by him. These books advocate the eternal human desire to enslave the “Other,” impersonated by the Robot, who is obliged to serve and do the dirty job instead of us.