VID 610 / 710 : Graduate Research

This course is an advanced graduate studio and critique class appropriate for all majors. This is a course which will help you grow as an artist, based on your own interests and visions. You will be working on your artistic ideas that involve video either as the major medium of expression or as a medium which is used as part of your work. The course is based on the work produced by the students and is made to facilitate its development. Students are not supposed to work on assignments given by the instructor, but rather propose their own ideas around which the classwork will be built. Individual assignments can be given by the instructor if a certain skill or knowledge, that is specific for their work, has to be obtained by the students.

Your great artistic ideas will make the course to be great.

Besides facilitating the individual work of each student, the class is also designed to give a broad view on how video is used in contemporary arts, experimental cinema, Internet, and pop-culture, as well as to create a professional context for the development of hands-on skills. Genres like performance art and installation, in which video is used either as a means of expression or as a method of documentation will be also covered as history and practice.