Winter Tale About the Hard Way to Serenity


In the winter of 2017 Donald Trump, the former president of the United States issued the “Travel Ban,” restricting travelers of seven middle eastern nations to enter the US. This caused chaos at the airports and fear among many people about their future.

As an immigrant, I am very sensitive about traveling and travel restrictions. Having lived for twenty years in constant stress about traveling documents this order of the president raised all fears possible that I have been having over the years, although I am not a member of any of these nations. The high level of identification with someone who is suffering is often unbearable and generates adrenaline that has to be somehow released – either in a panic escape, aggression, or activism that can help the people with whom one identifies. For me, the way to deal with these conditions is to transform this energy into artistic energy. This is what I do the best and I hope my work speaks about the fear and empathy that I felt back then.